Lock change, cylinder replacement – Budapest

Lock replacement, cylinder replacement in Budapest

We immediately undertake lock replacement, cylinder replacement in all districts of Budapest.

I. district – Budai Vár [Buda Castle]
II. district – Pesthidegkút
III. district – Óbuda [Old Buda]
IV. district – Újpest [New Pest]
V. district – Lipótváros [Leopold Town]
VI. district – Terézváros [Theresa Town]
VII. district – Erzsébetváros [Elizabeth Town]
VIII. district – Józsefváros [Joseph Town]
IX. district – Ferencváros [Francis Town]
X. district – Kőbánya [Quarry]
XI. district – Újbuda [New Buda]
XII. district – Hegyvidék [Highland]
XIII. district – Angyalföld
XIV. district – Zugló
XV. district – Újpalota
XVI. district – Sashalom
XVII. district – Rákosmente
XVIII. district – Lőrinc
XIX. district – Kispest [Little Pest]
XX. district – Erzsébet [Pest Elizabeth]
XXI. district – Csepel
XXII. district – Budafok, Tétény
XXIII. district – Soroksár

Lock replacement after a burglary

In case of a burglary, the perpetrators could have opened the door with or without destruction. By all means, a lock replacement or a cylinder replacement will be absolutely necessary. Ask for our experts’ advice about the possible methods to improve your security depending on how the break-in happened.

If a key is lost or there is a new owner, ask for a cylinder replacement!

You do not know whose hands the key set will fall into. The cylinders have to be replaced as soon as possible and it is recommended to ask for the appropriate key set! The cylinder replacement extends the trouble-free operation hours of the lock.
We distribute and install the cylinders of the most prestigious companies, but we undertake the replacement of individual cylinders, as well.

Cylinder replacement in any type of locks

You do not need to know the type or the brand of lock on your door. Our lock specialist identifies it on the spot and replaces the cylinder in most cases immediately. If it is a special or unique type, then our colleague makes a new appointment for repair and recommends an effective method for protection until the supply of the cylinder.
In case you have an individual lock in which no cylinder replacement is possible, our lock specialist will propose the replacement of the lock and it is feasible on the spot, in generally.

Lock replacement on call around the clock

We have no weekends, no holidays, and not any night surcharge. We work nonstop, we are at your disposal around the clock on all the 365 days of the year. Call our customer service, and we get to the place in the shortest time possible to replace a lock for you.

Highly qualified lock experts

Our experts have been working in the trade for decades. They are prepared lock specialists who are able to find a good solution to every problem. Our well-equipped mobile vehicle locksmith’s workshop offers speedy roadside assistance for almost every trouble.

Speed, skill and discretion

In today’s world, we try to gain an advantage over the competing companies by our quick, reliable and high quality work. Based on our experiences, it is a rewarding business policy, because our customers seem to be satisfied with our services and their news spreads from mouth to mouth which means the best advertising for us. Our clients pass our phone number from hand to hand. We are thankful for it.

We hope that you will rarely need our assistance, but supposing it were so, then call us and we can help you.